Dog Training in Melton: Brigitte’s Dog School runs classes at The Willows Historical Park, Reserve Road, Melton for all aged Dogs to all levels of training.   It’s a fun environment for both dogs and owners, with many regular outings to Beaches and Lakes or parks. With a busy lifestyle why not come to Brigitte’s Dog School Saturday mornings and let our Instructors help you with your training.

Brigitte’s Dog School is an accredited Member of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc.

4 Week Puppy Class for all dogs up to the age of 4 Months.  
In this class you learn everything you need to know about your puppy.  You will learn how to deal with the everyday antics of your puppy eg. toilet training, nipping, jumping up, barking and more.   Our Instructors will teach you basic obedience commands that all dog owners need for a well behaved puppy.   General information like Worming, desexing, grooming and flea control will also be covered if time permits.
10 week Alpha Dog Training Classs for dogs 4 months of age and older. 
The first week is an information session and is WITHOUT your dog.    In this class you will be provided with a Training Halter the 2nd Week and taught how to use it correctly.  This class will teach you how to control your dog when on the lead and using the training halter effectively.   You will also learn how to teach your dog home manners as well as basic to Advance obedience commands.  

Bookings are essential and must be made online.

For more information please call Brigitte on 1300 78 22 49.