Booking Form – 10 Week Basic Alpha Class

This class uses the ALPHA dog Training Method. In this class you will not be using Treats.
  • Please enter the Age of your Dog in years and months. Your dog must be at least 4 months of age to enrol in this class.
  • Please select Male or Female from the Dropdown List
  • If you dog has not been desexed you may be eligible for a Melton Council discount if your dog passes the 10 Week Basic Course.
  • Please enter your Dog's Breed.
  • Please select the Date that you would like to start the Alpha Dog Training Class
  • Payment Plan. $150 must be paid as a deposit and the remainder $125 must be paid no later than Week 5. -
  • Direct Deposit is the only payment method available. You will receive an ainvoive via email with Payment Details.
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