Booking Form – 10 Week Basic Class

Please check your Junk or Spam mailbox if you have not received an email from us after you have submitted this form. N.B. Treats are NOT used in this class.
  • Please enter the Age of your Dog in years and months. Your dog must be at least 4 months of age to enrol in this class.
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  • If you dog has not been desexed you may be eligible for a Melton Council discount if your dog passes the 10 Week Basic Course.
  • Please enter your Dog's Breed.
  • Does your Dog have Dog Aggression Issues. If so, please note that an in house consultation will need to take place before enroling in any of the classes. Dogs with aggression issues will not be accepted in the class until assessed privately at your cost.
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  • Payment Plan. Final payment must be paid prior to Week 5 of the 10 Week Basic Alpha Class. -
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