About Us

The owner of Brigitte’s Dog School has been in the Dog Training Industry since 2004 and successfully completed the Professional Dog Trainers Course with “National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF)” in 2003.

Brigitte’s mission is to establish a fun and Sociable outing for all Dog Owners while teaching their dogs the basic commands for a well behaved dog.
Meet our Team
From Left to Right
Brigitte – Owner and Head Trainer
Ben – Joined Brigitte’s Dog School in 2017 after successfully completing the Alpha Dog Training Course.  Ben runs our Alpha Dog Training Classes.
Prue – Prue joined Brigitte’s Dog School shortly after opening the school in 2012.   Prue has since successfully completed here Certificate 3 in Dog Training with National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF).   Prue is responsible for running the Intermediate class for  Members who continue with training their dogs.
Justine – Justine first came to Brigitte’s Dog School with her pooch Rosie after having trained her first dog JD.   Justine occasionally fills in for us when we are short on Instructors.
Cathie – Cathie was one of the first Dog Owners who came to Brigitte’s Dog School with Kyah.   Cathie showed great potential right from the start to become a great Instructor.    Cathie runs our Advance Class and introduces a lot of fun for the Members in her class as well as teaching advanced obedience commands.