Obedience Classes

Brigitte’s Dog School is an Accredited member of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (AAPDT).
This entitles all dog owners  who have unsterilized dogs a discount when Registering with the Melton City Council.
Brigitte’s Dog School uses the ALPHA Dog Training Method.   We do NOT use Treats .

4 Week Puppy Class  

This class is for dogs from 8 weeks of age up to the age of 5 months.    This class starts 10am every Saturday Morning at the Willows Historical Park, Reserve Road, Melton.

What you will learn
  • Manners
  • Sit and Step away (Stay)
  • Boundaries (eg  doorways and gates)
  • Bed or Mat
  • Leave It
  • Come when called
  • Heel (if time permits)
  • General advice on puppy behaviours like nipping, jumping and toilet training (This class is restricted to 6 dogs per class)
10 Week Basic Class – 9am Start
This class is for dogs 5 months of age and older.   The class runs over 10 weeks with the first week being an Induction explaining the technique that is used by Brigitte’s Dog School.   The first week is WITHOUT your dog.
This class runs 9am every Saturday Morning at the Willows Historical Park, Reserve Road, Melton.  
What you will learn
  • How to use the Training Halter
  • Correct position to have your dog
  • Stepping up – putting your dog into the correct position
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Heel and Auto Sit
  • Sit and stepping away (same as stay)
  • Drop and stepping away (same as stay)
  • Manners – environment scenarios : entering and exiting doorways, creating boundaries that the dogs do not cross
  • Recall (or Come)
  • Food Refusal
  • Walk through Hanna Watts Park
  • and more
 Included in the cost is a Blackdog Training Halter and 1.8m Lead.
 (This class is restricted to 8 dogs per class).
Social class – 10am Start
The Social Class is for any dog that has completed the Alpha Dog Class or has been given a pass up from the Intermediate Class.
This class is for clients and their dogs who are more interested in fun activities and other general training like scent detection, Rally O and some Agility.    Joining as a Member entitles you to join the  class.   This group class includes regular Fun Days (playing games, Morning Teas and more).   Over the summer and weather permitting we plan trips to the beach as a group or to Navan Park to walk around the lake as a socialisation exercise.
Intermediate – 11am Start
The Intermediate Alpha Class is for dogs who have completed the 10 Week Basic Alpha Class.   In this class you will work on more consistency and more off lead work.
Advance Alpha Class – 10am Start
The Advance Alpha Class is for any dogs that have passed the Intermediate Level.
This class will continue with more advanced obedience commands.
Assistance Dog Training Program (conditions apply) – 10am Start
This class is for anyone in the local community who suffers from PTSD or severe Anxiety and would like to train their dog to become an Assistance Dog.   
The 10 Week Basic Alpha Class must be completed before you can attend this program.
You will learn about blocking, covering, rest and a lot more.
Included in this program will be outings to Shopping Centres, cafes, Supermarkets, Cinema’s and other venues that you will need to pass the Assistance Dog Program.   
The first level you will need to pass is the “L”earners and you will receive the Assistance Dog Jacket with the “L” on it.  This is provided by Brigitte’s Dog.
The final level is the Full Jacket where the “L” can be removed.
Yearly Membership must be taken up for this program.  $200 per year and $5 per training session attendance.